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Testimonials from participants in the Bike Proficiency Class

I loved this class… The class has improved my biking efficiency - I know it has, and I know I will be a faster racer and better climber… My knowledge of cycling mechanics has improved, heels down-no wiggle-pull up, I can hear you in my sleep… Sharone gave me the courage to clip my feet to the pedals, need I say more??... Love the running brick after bike... very helpful.

—Carolyn Pomykala

My overall experience was great… I feel this class has improved my biking efficiency, my cycling mechanics, and I feel like a faster rider and stronger climber… The instructors were great…This class has really changed the way I feel about this sport and has significantly improved my technique, speed and endurance.

—Katherine Tossas

My overall experience was great, I learned some new drill sets, like jumps…My biking efficiency has improved… I like the fact we are on our bike in a trainer rather than spin bikes…I feel like a faster rider and better climber…The instructors were helpful and encouraging.

—Susan Li

My overall experience was excellent… It was fun and helped me learn proper bike technique and build fitness for the bike portion… This class has absolutely improved my biking efficiency… I had no idea what proper form was before taking this class and I would average about 15 mph in a sprint. I just did the Muncie Endurathon last weekend and averaged 17.2 mph for the half Ironman. I couldn't have done that without training in proper technique and efficiency… I feel like I am a faster rider, but I'm still a terrible climber (probably a better one - I get dropped less decisively on the hills, but still find myself needing to catch up on the flats and downhills). Just need more practice though!...My knowledge of cycling mechanics improved 200%... The instructors were knowledgeable, helpful and encouraging?... I wouldn't change anything - just keep taking the class!

—Anna Larson

Overall the class was very beneficial…This class definitely improved my biking efficiency. I did not know about pedal stroke, etc. before and this definitely improved my biking efficiency… I am a much faster rider as I have become more efficient. Climbing strength was there - technique has improved… My knowledge of cycling mechanics has improved, I am constantly thinking of knees forward, heels down, upper body quiet, etc…The instructors were good… A great class - recommend it to several people.

—Stephanie Weiss