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Conditioning for High Performance - Phase 1

Join us and Build a Stronger, More Powerful Foundation

Your wish list for strength and performance has a checklist. To finish strong you need a functional chain of movements. Muscular forces that propel your body forward start with strong foundations. Teaching your body proper neuromuscular efficiency will take aerodynamics to another level. By avoiding muscular inefficiencies, you can avoid ruining your otherwise ideal season like a hairline crack does to a beautiful carbon frame.

Start your perfect season now by strengthening your lumbo-pelvic hip complex (core), functional strength and learning proper form. A solid body naturally seeks a great season!

Well-Fit's Conditioning for High Performance - Phase 1 class will benefit you in the following ways:

Assess Muscular Strength

Before starting your muscular development, you will do a series of movement patterns. This will identify where your underactive and overactive muscles are limiting your racing and give you goals to target.

Develop Neuromuscular Efficiency

By developing communication between your neurons and your muscles, your joints, posture and muscular endurance will be prepared for more demands later.  

Stabilize Supporting Muscles

Training in an unstable but controlled environment will train your body to go beyond forward motion and prepare itself to handle stress during training.

Increase Prime Mover Strength

Create strong pathways and build on overall work capacity and still allow your body to maintain stabilization in your posture, form and dynamic joint movements.  All are an integral part of racing without injury.

Learn Proper Form

With so many demands during your week and training, the time you spend in the gym needs to pay off. Perform exercises with the most return for their money and do it safely.

Sign up now to create a new functional body. This is a small group training program and class sizes are limited to provide the most attention.

For more information contact Sharone Aharon


Location Well-Fit Training Center
Days/Times Tuesdays @ 7:00PM, Nov 27, 2012 to Jan 29, 2013
Non-Members $200
CTC Members $180
Well-Fit Members $120