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Well-Fit Puerto Rico 70.3

The timing of this program also works well for athletes preparing for Oceanside 70.3, Texas 70.3 and Florida 70.3

Program starts - January 2nd, 11-week program


Winning three out of three Ironman 70.3 club competition last year as well as, the great interest from our club members, promoted us todevelop a group training plan for Puerto Rico 70.3.

Well-Fit's Puerto Rico 70.3 Training Program is designed to provide complete and comprehensive training and coaching support to successfully complete your early season 70.3 race. The program will be integrated into the Well-Fit training center workouts that will be modified to address the needs of those who train for Puerto Rico. The Program will include six weekly coached sessions (some with our organic members training session) that are designed to peak your fitness for top performance on race day.

2017's program will be spearheaded by a Coach Mauricio Andrade with support from the entire well-fit coaching staff. Collectively,they have unparalleled triathlon experience including multiple visits to the Ironman World Championship. The team is eager to help you reach your maximum athletic potential.  All that they ask is that you believe in yourself and the process.


Training Program includes:

  • 11 weeks of an organized training plan with detailed daily workouts
  • Six coached workouts per week starting:
    • Swim – Tuesday and Thursday 5:45am
    • Bike – Wednesday 6:30pm, Friday 5:45am, Saturday 7 or 9am
    • Run – Tuesday 6:30pm (weather permitting)
  • Unlimited communication with the coaches
  • A discounted program fee is available for Well-Fit, CTC and Members 
  • This Well-Fit program is designed for beginner to intermediate athletes registered for Puerto Rico

  • This program will be accommodated to any one that is looking to do other early 70.3 races in 2017


No matter where you are in your journey as an athlete, you will find a welcoming place in our group, and receive detailed education,guidance, and support from our coaches.   

For more information, contact Mauricio Andrade at mauricio@wellfitinc.com


Sign-up today and race with the Well-Fit team at the IM 70.3club championship





Pricing before 12/8/16:             

Non-Members $295
CTC Members $250
Well-Fit Members $150

Pricing after 12/8/16:             

Non-Members $350
CTC Members $295
Well-Fit Members $185


January 2nd - March 19th, 2017 (11 weeks)


Tuesday and Thursday 5:45am
Wednesday at 6:00pm,
Friday 5:45am
Saturday 7:00 or 9:00am
Tuesday 6:30pm (weather permitting)