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2017 Chicago Marathon Group Training Program

18-week program starting on June 7th 

My name is Sharone Aharon, and endurance coaching has been my passion for more than 25 years. . I have created an 18-week training program that is second to none. This program will address your running mechanics, progressively develop the fitness you need for the race while avoiding injuries and enjoying running. 

To race well in a marathon, you need to develop a steady state pace that will give you the finish time that you want. Doing the miles alone will not get you there. Developing  proper running mechanics before adding up the miles is a critical part of your success. Proper range of motion, joint stability, and a strong core that can connect the upper body to the legs are fundamental to keeping your form together throughout the race. The reason for "hitting the wall"at the later part of the race is not solely a result of a lack of proper nutrition. In many cases, it is the increased reliance on your muscles due to a poor running mechanics. Understanding the key factors of range of motion and joint stability, in addition to intensive drill work, will give you the edge you need to achieve your goal.

This is an 18-week program that will address your running mechanics, progressively develop the fitness that you need to be successful, and avoid injuries, so that you can have fun in racing up to your potential. We will look at how you train, discover what holds you back, and find a way to help you train so that you can get the performance that you want. Finally, we will build your race plan and unleash the power of your mind so that you can race as effectively as you can.

The Well-Fit comprehensive training program includes: 


  • Program designed and delivered by elite coach Sharone Aharon
  • A limit of 30 athletes, register early
  • 18-week program with detailed daily training routines for beginners and intermediate athletes
  • Ability to customize the plan to your needs
  • Two weekly coached sessions
    • Intervals training – Wednesday night
    • Long runs – Saturday/Sunday mornings
  • Running mechanics video analysis
  • Performance testing is included for:
    • HR Training Zones
    • Training Runs Paces
  • Hands on clinic
  • Two weekly yoga sessions
  • Weekly newsletter full of training knowledge and racing tips
  • Monthly individual discussion for progress review
  • Free Training Peaks account - The most advanced training delivery system
  • And much, much more

Don’t just run, learn to do it better.

Join me today, and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at:


Downtown Chicago


Non-Member - $250
CTC/CARA Member - $225
Well-Fit Member - 175


Wednesdays -  6:30pm, Chicago lakefront quality run
Saturdays - 7:00am Location TBD

from June 7th to October 8th, 2017



 *CARA Members will pay non-member fee until proof of membership is provided.  Please bring your card to the front desk or email it directly to courtney@wellfitinc.com, after which invoices will be discounted.

** Class cost will be refunded 50% if canceled no later than 2 weeks prior to the start date. After 2 weeks there will be NO REFUNDS. Injuries will be dealt with on a case to case basis.