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Offerings & Equipment

Your Personal Olympic Training Center

The Well-Fit Training Center was created to provide a one stop shop for fitness and endurance sport athletes. The center is loaded with state-of-art equipment that you would needs to improve your functional conditioning and performance

  • ‎9 high-performance treadmills
  • Full complement of strength and functional training equipment
  • 24-Spot CompuTrainer Cycling Studio pre-loaded with customized training programs and bike courses from hundreds of cycling and triathlon events
  • 18-foot Endless Pool, equipped with underwater cameras, a floor-mounted mirror, and a pace read-out display.
  • Stationary Spin Bike, Rowing Machine, VersaClimber, Elliptical and Stepper for alternative endurance training
  • Online training plan developed by Well-Fit coaching staff, free for members and delivered via TrainingPeaks
  • Bike storage, Locker Rooms and Towel service
  • A “recovery room,” complete with recovery drinks and snacks, television and a multi-sport library

For unlimited access to all of the equipment at the Well-Fit Training Center, become a member today, get a daily pass, or purchase a 10-pack of guest passes.

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Classes and Group Training

Bike Class

Well-Fit's proven classes and group training programs are available to members and non-members alike. Don't train harder, train smarter. Well-Fit shows you the way with our classes and programs led by the top coaches in the country.

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Personal Training

Think about your current level of fitness and then consider how you would perform if you had more ‎balance, strength, speed, flexibility and overall conditioning. Regardless of your goal, personal training ‎is a resource to enhance your performance, prevent injuries and get educated about your overall ‎health and fitness. Our certified personal trainers develop individualized programs designed to build and/or ‎rebuild the athlete within you. Every training program starts with the development of the ‎fundamentals of balance, core strength, and functional stability and ends with developing your ‎specific conditioning needs. Our programs are always adjusted based on the latest training science and ‎guide you through each step, to reach your optimal fitness. In the process, you will learn to exercise ‎more efficiently and achieve greater results.‎‎

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Private Triathlon Coaching

Whether you want to complete your first event or make dramatic improvements over prior ‎performances, private coaching can take you there. This versatile, intensive program is best for the ‎dedicated athlete who has specific goals and a strong desire to reach them.‎

Customized to the athlete's goals, current fitness, schedule and lifestyle, this is a year-round, ‎periodized training program to help you reach peak performance at a particular competition – ‎everything from Cyclocross races, 5Ks, marathons, sprint triathlons, Ironman distance triathlons and ‎everything in between. Every program starts with performance testing and is based on the most current sports science available, as well as our extensive coaching and competitive experience. At the ‎heart of the program is constant communication and evaluation with the coach, ensuring the ‎continued "fit" and success of the training plan.

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Performance Testing

performance test

Possibly the most overlooked and under-offered service today is performance testing. Members and non-members can schedule Lactate Threshold testing, Functional Threshold Power (FTP) testing, Swim Video Analysis Diagnostic, Run Gait Analysis and Functional Strength and Conditioning tests to establish accurate training and racing zones, as well as take the guess work out of training.